August 15, 2011
Scenes from New York Summer Streets, August 2011

I don’t what it costs to close off 5 miles of Manhattan streets to vehicle traffic and staff every corner with what looked like at least 5 NYPD officers. But it was worth it for anyone who got up on Saturday and took part in the New York Summer Streets on this perfect weather weekend. Really, it was probably the best one-day public event I’ve ever attended in the city – no lines, free, beautiful views – and I don’t even like running that much. 

Summer Streets happens one more weekend: August 20. Look at the route map on the official site.

Here are some photos from this past Saturday, starting from the Brooklyn Bridge and going north until 72nd Street. You can see my entire photo set on Flickr.

Brooklyn Bridge, during Summer Streets
Some joggers and bikers started the route on the Brooklyn Bridge

Yoga at City Hall, "Summer Streets" NYC
There were other workout stations scattered throughout the route, including this yoga lesson near the federal courthouse.

Sand Castles for Summer Streets NYC
Not everything was workout related, including this sand sculpture station near the courthouse.

New York "Summer Streets"
Near Foley Square

SoHo/Nolita, Summer Streets New York
Canal and Lafayette Streets, one of the few intersections in which east-west traffic is allowed to cross.

Houston and Lafayette, Summer Streets NYC
Houston and Lafayette Streets

Astor Place, NYC Summer Streets
Astor Place

New York "Summer Streets"
Near the Union Square Farmers Market

Park Ave and 24th St., Summer Streets
City Picnic on 24th Street; Whole Foods and other sponsors gave out free smoothie, apple sauce, and sorbet samples.

Dad teaching son how to bike on Park Ave.
Near 34th Street, facing south. I guess growing up in New York means learning how to bike by putting on the training wheels on Park Avenue.

Grand Central Station, while doing Summer Streets NYC
I don’t think this bridge over Pershing Square facing Grand Central normally has pedestrian access, so this was especially cool.

Tunnels around Grand Central; Summer Streets
Park Avenue splits around Grand Central; again, doesn’t seem like there’s pedestrian access here normally.

New York "Summer Streets"
Park Ave. past Grand Central

Tunnel by Grand Central, New York "Summer Streets"
Leaving Grand Central

Training Wheels down Park Ave and Midtown
53rd Street

New York "Summer Streets"
Midtown, facing south

72nd Street, the end of New York "Summer Streets"
This is where the route ends at 72nd St. and loops back to the south. For those of us who can’t get into the NYC Marathon through the usual means, this gave us a little taste of what it’s like to run through a wide avenue of Manhattan, sans the cheering.

Summer Streets happens one more weekend: August 20. Look at the route map on the official site.

You can see my entire photo set on Flickr.