December 1, 2012

So…there’s a brick-and-mortar Etsy store in SoHo…it’s open only until Dec. 8…and it’s awesome. Even if you’ve never bought anything from etsy before (I hadn’t), the pop-up store is an incredibly interesting and charming shopping experience. Kind of like a high-end flea market. I don’t know if Etsy actually has long-term plans to do something beyond a holiday gift shop…but I hope they at least re-open next year.

I’ve browsed Etsy before and liked a lot of the things I saw, but seeing things in person is definitely more convincing when it comes to actually buying. It also stirred up a huge amount of envy in me in wanting to make my own crafts. So the store itself probably loses money (given SoHo rent) but it’s a great loss-leader for the online marketplace. A lot of the stuff I wanted had sold out physically, but each item had business cards to make it easy to order online.

The store is located on Greene St., just south of Houston, and its hours are 12 to 10PM. Its last day is Dec 8.

One of the mini-shops inside the store

Some of the artisans are actually present, being artsy

I thought maybe etsy opened a satellite office outside of DUMBO

A hoarder's dream

Apparently there are workshops and such to make your own stuff

You get a cute sack to carry your purchases in

I needed another tablet in my life.

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